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1. The Jews are a nation held together by their commom enemies. (Note 3.)

2. With the Jews Nationality and Religion are inseparable and co-extensive.

3. All groups of Jews from the extreme radicals (Poole Zionist) to the most conservative, are united in this National Religious Movement.

4. Once a Jew always a Jew.

5. The teachings of the Talmud still exercises a profound influence on Jewish life.

6. Judaism and Socialism are different expressions of the same movement.

7. The Jews consider themselves the original exponents of internationalism and the League of Nations. (Note 4.)


Note 2: The coming of a world war is predicted which the Jews are to secretly promote. The creation of the chaos of Bolshevism is described as to be worked out by Jews all over the world as a step towards Jewish world dominion. For a fuller discussion of these and similar illustrations see Appendix B.

Note 3: See Herzl’s "Jewish State" page 4, and Dr. Solomon Prest, of the United Synagogues of America. (New York Times, June 17, 1919, page 3.)

Note 4: For a full discussion of these principles with citations from Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl, Bernard Lazarre, H. Sacher and the lectures now being distributed by the Zionist Organization in America, see Appendix C.

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In any event the Protocols are of suggestive value in the study of present-day International Jewry. They indicate possible or probable fields of Jewish activities, aims and methods, and as such, without relying on them at all as evidence in themselves, we have used them as a point of departure for some phases of our study.

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(a) There is, of course, a vast amount of material in the Department relating to this problem. Here, however, a mere outline will be sufficient to indicate the general tendencies. The following quotation will illustrate the widespread participation of Jews in all revolutionary movements:

(1) Theodore Herzl’s "JEWISH STATE".

Page 8. "Educated Jews without means are fast becoming Socialists."

Page 10. "When we sink we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of the revolutionary party."

(2) Theodor Herzl’s "CONGRESS ADDRESSES".

Page 13. "That the Jews constitute a disintegrating element is habitually maintained."

(3) Lecture on "SOCIAL ZIONISM” published and now circulated by the Zionist organization of America.

Page 4. "From the days of the prophets down to the present time the Jew has been the inveterate enemy of tyranny and our contribution to the ranks of labor leaders and social philosophers is one of the marvels of history. In ancient times it was Isaiah, Jeremiah and the lesser Prophets who thundered agains those who added "house to house” while the common people were suffering against huger and privations. The thinkers and leaders of the Socialist Party during the last century, Karl Marx, Ferdinand Lasalle and many others were Jews, even though some of them sold their birthright for "a mess of pottage". In fact any careful historian must come to the conclusion that the Jews are a race representing the great social factor in modern history."

(4) Rabbi Judah L. Magnus, who has been very closely associated with Jacob H. Schiff, in a speech before the Jewish Labor Congress January 15, 1919 published in the JEWISH FORUM for February 1919 states:

Page 722: "When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion to the cause of the workers and of the dispossessed,

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of the disinherited of the world, the radical quality within him there, too, goes to the root of things, and in Germany he comes as Marx and a Lasalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Austria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friederich Adler; in Russia a Trotsky. Just take for a moment the present situation in Russia and Germany. The Revolution set creative forces free, and see what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviki; Bolsheviki; Majority and Minority Socialists whatever they be called ******* Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and the routine workers of all those revolutionary parties."

(b) RUSSIA !

Many of the witnesses who testified before the Senate Committee stated quite definitely that most of the prominent Bolshevik leaders were Jews. The following are quotations from one or two:

(1) Mr. Theodor Kryshtofovitch (page 424 Senate Record):

"Most of the people governing Russia now are Jews. I am not against Jews in general. They are a very capable and energetic people, but as you Americans say, the right man must be in the right place. Their place is in the Commission Houses, in Banks, in the offices, but not in the government of a fine agricultural country. They do not understand anything about agriculture, about production, about keeping materials and about distribution ********* I am talking about Bolsheviki; because if you take our Bolshevik Government, Lenine is a Russian and all these constellations that are turning around this sun are Jews. They have changed their names. For instance, Trotsky is not Trotsky but Bronstein."

Again on page 431 he says:

"They oppose the Russian clergy and the Russian clergy oppose the Bolsheviki, and the Russian priests are treated very badly. For instance, they are set to do street work, cleaning the streets, paving streets, digging ditches, and so on. The workmen told me several times: ‘The Bolsheviki are sending out priests to work in the streets. Why do they not send their Rabbis ?’ And that is true. The Jewish Rabbis are not sent to work on the streets."

Colonel V. S. Hurban, the leader of the Checho-Slovaks in Russia (page 444 of the Senate Record):

"It is also logical that the morals of the officials should be corrupt. I cannot deny it because it is a fact, and it is useless to deny it, that in the Soviets from the beginning there have been a very large percentage of Jews. It cannnot be denied. I can explain myself. We cannot blame them because it is just their revenge."

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The following appears in a despatch to the Department, describing conditions in Hungary, quoted on page 37 of the confidential weekly report of the Division of Western European Affairs for June 28, 1919:

"Of the Communist Commissaries (of whom 25 out of 32 are Jews), several are assigned to each department."

As a sample of general frank public comment on the Bolshevik regime in Hungary may be cited the following from an article on "The Forces of Disintegration” appering in THE NEW EUROPE of June 19, 1919:

"The internal situation in Hungary is comparatively simple at this moment. The issue of the war involved the bankruptcy of the whole ruling oligarchy and of the Jewish parasites who had battened upon them for over a generation past. But while the former fell with a resounding crash, a large section of the latter suddenly laid violent hands upon the machine of the State, and have since the Spring been endeavoring to recover, under a mask of advanced Communist theories, fragments of what the old imperialism had lost to the Magyar State. ********** Meanwhile we need be under no illusions as to the present regime in Hungary. In Budapest such illusions have long since vanished, and all who come from there tell the same tale. The present Communist Government of Budapest is merely a glorified edition of "Sussex Street". Bela Kun - a convicted thief who is proud of his record and brags publicly of his capacity for lying - is on a par with Peter the Painter, while his colleagues (save a couple of honest doctrinaires, and an occasional figurehead selected for purposes of camouflage) are altogether worthy of him.


The early efforts of the Bolsheviki to get control in Russia were financed by German Government, largely through the German Jewish banking firm of M. N. Warburg and Company of Hamburg, established in 1798, one of the most powerful banks in all of Germany, and instrumental in directing the international policy of the old German Empire. Max Warburg, head of this firm, cooperated in this matter with his brother Fritz, Financial Attache of the German Legation at Stockholm and as such, head of and general paymaster

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for the German spy system. Practically all of the men who participated in the negotiations with the Bolsheviki in turning over these funds were Jews.

A number of the returning Military Attaches as for example, Lieutenant Waldo from The Hague, have emphasized that the personnel, methods and aims of the new German Foreign Office were, in a large measure, the same as those of the old regime.

Therefore, the statement in the BRITISH CONFIDENTIAL WEEKLY REVIEW for June 4, 1919 (page 2) would seem at least possible:

"Evidence is accumulating that the German Government directed the Munich Revolution through Agents provocateurs. The "ROTE FAHNE” seems to have been under Government control, and an organization called: "VEREINIGUNG ZU BEKAMPFUNG DES BOLSHEVISMUS”, and espionage association covering the whole of Germany, had exact information on every phase of the Munich rising. This association is headed by Prussian Officers and works in connection with the Government."


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