November 22, 2001


... (7) On July 24 Mr. Marshall stated that:

"The horror of the Pogroms in Poland and Ukrainia will ‘stagger the world’ when the truth becomes known. Tens of thousands of Jews have been killed. The pogroms were not so much the result of an organized movement as they were the outgrowth of unsettled anarchistic tendencies in the countries where they occurred. They found expression in attacks of Jews."

Heretofore he has never mentioned the Ukraine in his interviews, except very casually.

On August 1, 1919 Mr. Marshall made public the following telegram dated July 30, 1919 from Leo Motkin, Secretary of the "Combined Jewish Committee of the World” at Paris:

"Zuckerman arrived and confirms former communications. He reports new and terrible Pogroms which occurred during June at Kaminets, Podolsk, Kitaigorod, Ourinine, et cetera. The latest news is certified by three Rabbis and by other Jewish representatives at Khotine. I know these men who are from the Ukraine. They state that altogether 120,000 have been killed. In Proskurof alone 3,964 inhabitants and numerous passing people have been killed and 2,000 wounded. Among the killed were 1500 school children. Ukrainian Judaism fears total extermination. It is impossible to check the exact figures. In all of the pogroms undoubtedly dozens of thousands have been massacred."

The Department has in its files a despatch (heretofore referred to on Page 17) dated April 2, 1919 from the American Commissioner at Constantinople quoting Rabbi Tittlebaum in which he stated hundreds of thousand of Jews had been killed and wounded in the Ukraine and that 5000 were killed in Proscorog alone. This information undoubtedly came to Mr. Marshall in April. Why then, has the story remained unpublished all these months ? It is asserted by the Poles to be because such a publication would have weakened, if not utterly destroyed the case which they claim the Jews were so laborously building up in support of their minority rights in Poland.

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On August 2, 1919 the day following the publication of the above telegram, the Ukrainian National Committee in New York issued a statement in part as follows:

"There are not and have not been pogroms in Ukraine outside the zone of Bolshevism. While unfortunately it probably is true that there have been many innocent victims of lawless bands in Ukraine, just as there have been Jewish victims of the Polish soldiery in Galicia, the killings are the work of the Bolsheviki and the Bolsheviki alone." ******

"The Ukrainian People’s Republic has granted autonomy to all national minorities, including the Jews. Special privileges have been granted the Jews and members of the race are not only members of the General Rada but are included in the ministry. The Ukrainian paper money even bears inscriptions in Jewish characters. It is significant fact that the Ukrainian Jews have never raised a single protest against Petlura’s government, but have always supported it heartily."

"Petlura, of course, has not been able to prevent pogroms in the portion of Russian Ukraine controlled by the Bolsheviki or the part of Galician Ukraine overrun by the Polish imperialists. He is making progress in both sections, however, and when he has restored the entire Ukrainian territory to the Ukrainians there will be no massacres in Ukraine."

Whether the cooperation between the Jews and the Ukrainians here shown is born simply of their mutual hatred of the Poles, or whether in addition the Ukrainians are receiving financial support from the Jews, it is in any case particularly interesting just now when the Department is being flooded with anti-Polish protests from the Ukrainians and Lithuanians in this country and in Canada.

At least one group of the Ukrainians, were openly pro-German and pro-Austrian during the war and there is evidence that in this connection it should be recalled that the Ukrainian separatist movement was started by Austria.

As to the Lithuanians and their relations with the Jews here in America may be cited the full page ad which appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES, NEW YORK WORLD, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, BOSTON POST and WASHINGTON POST on June 3 and 4, 1919, protesting against "Polish

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Imperialism and Jewish Massacres". In this ad appears a letter from the Lithuanian National Council to the Secretary of the American Committee for the Defence of the Jews in Poland, which contains the following:

"Your cause is our cause as well. The cause of all oppressed people the world over strikes a responsive chord in our hearts, but you have in common with us the additional fact that your oppressors are also our oppressors."

"Using Bolshevism as a pretext, Poland has invaded, and is now occupying, large parts of Lithuania. Its troops are there indulging in atrocities so horrible that the entire liberal opinion of the world stands aghast and raises the query once more whether Poland can really be trusted with the powers of self-government."

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(c) How serious is the nation-wide boycott against all Jews and Jewish goods recently started by the Americans of Polish descent and their Slavic sympathizers ?

The Foreign Language Bureau of the Government Loan Organization of the United States Treasury in a report of June 4, 1919 states:

"The demonstrations of May 21st, participated in by the Jewish people all through the United States in the form of a public protest against the persecution of the Jews in Poland, has produced on the part of the Polish population in the U. S. A. (nearly 4,000,000) a well managed, quietly conducted commercial and financial boycott of all Jewish merchants and vendors.

Both sides of the controversy have had ample public hearing in the Press of the U. S. A. The Poles privately maintain that the Jews are disappointed in the development of Poland into a free and independent Nation as the ambition of Jewish leaders for many generations has been to make of Poland a Jewish economic state commanding the commercial and financial channels of Eastern Europe, under a German protectorate.

Be that as it may, the Polish resentment of the Jewish propaganda against them is deep and bitter and their spirit of retaliation in this country proceeds against the Jewish pocketbook. The boycott is now well advanced all through this country and is active in every channel of trade, extending even to places of amusement.

From another source comes the information that other racial groups, namely, Russians, Ukrainians, Roumanians, Lithuanians, Czecho-Slovaks, Jugo-Slavs, Findlanders, Letts, all of Slavic origin will join in this Jewish boycott. Operations for management of same are now under way."

The Department has received a number of telegrams from the American-Polish organizations calling attention to the danger of racial conflicts here and "condemning the insincere tactics of the Jewish imperialists". (See particularly telegram from mass meeting of 15,000 in Boston June 8, 1919 representing 200,000 Polish-Americans in Massachusetts, and telegram of June 15, 1919 from mass meeting at Newark, N.J.) This last telegram also charges that Jewish employers in America have discharged Polish workers and Jewish landlords have evicted Polish tenants.

If such oppression is practiced on any large scale by the American Jews it will inevitably strengthen the boycott movement among the American Slavs and continue to fan the flame of mutual hatred between the two nationalities.

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At this point, the document break off. There have been published citations of this document which indicate that it is of greater length and scope than the above reproduced materials. A search is being conducted for the lost portions. If and when these materials are located, they will be posted on PAPUREC’s website.

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